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Student Representative Council (SRC)

The student representative council (SRC) is involved in all aspects of school life. It is comprised of four elected representatives from Years 7 - 9, six from Year 10, two elected student board representatives and staff support.

The SRC is elected in Term One, and appointments last for the duration of the school year. Every year, a President and Vice President are selected from the members in Years 9 and 10. A Secretary and Treasurer are selected from the members in Years 7 and 8.

The SRC runs a number of activities including: The Deakin Disco, Acceptance Days, The 40 Hour Famine, Theme and dress up days and Mini-Olympics. SRC members rotate as MCs for school assemblies.
SRC members represent the school at events such as education and political forums and discussion groups.  SRC members have met Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General through participating in various events and ceremonies.

Mission Statement:

The SRC aims to actively enhance and build all aspects of school culture through a variety of areas of responsibility. The primary areas of focus include student voice, school policy,  school environment and community partnerships.
To achieve these aims, the SRC believe in the following:
* To give everyone an equal chance to speak openly about ideas, beliefs and issues.
* To present and represent the requests of the student body to the school.
* To present and represent the needs of the school to the student body.
* To provide opportunities for leadership and to model our shared school expectations.
* To work and be involved with teachers to help develop stronger connections between the students and their curriculum.
* To develop and foster school spirit through participation and organisation of school events.

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Stromlo Running Festival High School Challenge

Each year, in February, we defend our reign as the champions! 

Since 2010, ADHS has participated in the Stromlo Running Festival High School Challenge.  This ACT wide event encourages schools to organise a team from their school community to run as many laps of the running track at Stromlo Forest Park as possible in 30 minutes.  Each year, over four hundered members of the ADHS community (students, parents and staff) run about 1400 kilometres, that is the equivalent of 33 marathons!  Participation in this event  builds magnificent community spirit and a high awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles- a key foucus at ADHS.  

Stromlo Running Festival

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Tournament Of Minds (TOMs)

Tournament of Minds is an annual competition in the ACT for both primary and secondary students. It is a great way to extend your child's academic, teamwork and problem solving abilities in a fun and supportive environment.

The most important goal, when participating in ToMs at Alfred Deakin High School, is to have fun whilst extending yourself.

At the start of the competition,  students are put into teams based on their chosen area. Each team is required to solve a six week challenge in either Social Sciences, Language Literature, Mathematics Engineering or Applied Technology; and the team must consist of no more than four students from a specific grade but not exceed seven students.

At the end of the six weeks the students are to present their results to a panel of judges at the ANU. This first presentation takes ten minutes and students present and perform their response in a 3m x 3m square. At all times four students must stay in the square. In the finals the teams only have three hours to do this but are supplied with a box of materials to work with to create their props. NB: Only Applied Technology students are allowed to create a device to go along with their props.

On the day of the competition they are also required to present a spontaneous challenge. A spontaneous challenge is unknown to the students until they are assessed by the judges. They have four minutes to decide their answer and a minute to present it.

In the ACT both Northside and Southside competitions are held, with the winning team from each division going to the ACT Finals competition. The winner of the ACT Finals then go to the Australasian Pacific Finals and the venue for each year is rotated throughout the various states and territories. This year the competition was held in Perth, Western Australia.

The winner for the ACT in Social Sciences Secondary was Alfred Deakin High #1!

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Cambodian Community Building Project

In 2013, a group of ADHS students and teachers went to Cambodia to build houses for a community with funds the school community has raised over the last 18 months. Watch the video to learn more.

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