The Technology learning area is comprised of a variety of subjects, including design technology, nutrition & food technology, photography and information technology. All of these subjects aim to teach and support students in learning to design and make products in the different fields, learning safe techniques and practices, while developing an understanding of new technologies and their impact on the environment and society. As the students move from year 7 through to year 10, they learn more complex skills, and develop more challenging and higher quality projects. Students are encouraged to constantly evaluate their work and use research as a means of improving their designs. ICT is used when appropriate and literacy and numeracy skills are strongly embedded in the courses. Able students are extended with more challenging projects and a range of exciting inter-school opportunities.

Workshop Safety and Resources

Students can access workshop safety tests and resources that will assist them with their projects from our purpose- built Workshop Safety and Resources website.

Curriculum Outline

In year 7, students rotate through two introductory units (design technology and nutrition and food technology) each for one term.  Then in years 8-10 students elect from a range of courses to follow their interests and build on their skills.

In year 8, students have the opportunity to elect to study units for a semester from:

  • Computing
  • Design Technology
  • Digital Photography Foundations
  • STEM

In years 9-10 courses utilise the design, make and appraise process as the fundamental process for student development. Students work to solve design problems and develop creative responses.  Students can elect from a variety of units from each of the following areas of study:

  • CAD
  • Design Technology Metalwork
  • Design Technology Woodwork
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Solutions