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Voluntary Financial Contributions

The annual Family Contribution paid by parents each year is essential to running the school as Directorate funds alone are not sufficient to cover all costs. This modest contribution allows the continued delivery of quality programs with quality resources. The requested contribution for 2018 is $150 per child plus contributions for each subject studied.

  • Subject contributions are in addition to the annual voluntary contribution. Families are requested to pay the contributions for each subject their child studies. These monies are spent on consumable items. Family Transaction Statements are posted home early each semester, showing the contributions for each student's subjects. These contributions are voluntary and any parent suffering financial hardship should contact the Principal. ADHS programs depend on these contributions for resourcing so all parents are encouraged to contribute to the fullest possible extent.
  • Tax Deductible Library (e-Hub) Fund Donations. A major project for the next few years will be the progressive enhancement of e-Hub, to provide better reference material and IT equipment access for students. Any gift you may be able to make will be a great help in achieving this. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, and separate receipts will be issued for this purpose.
  • Text Book Hire (Voluntary) – parents are requested to pay a once only Text Book Hire of $60.00. This hire covers the use of all library books and classroom texts for the length of time a student is at ADHS.


To make a secure credit/debit card payment payment you will be directed to Westpac’s online payment system, known as QuickWeb (click here). Westpac will hold your card information and the privacy policy is accessed via the link on the QuickWeb page. All information other than card details will be provided back to the School in order to  reconcile the payment against your account.

School Lockers

Students are given the opportunity to hire a locker for the 2020 school year. The lockers have an annual hire cost of $25.00 and come with a lock that the student is required to use. All payments are to be made via StudentLocker(Click Here) at the time of reservation. If you have any questions please contact the Finance Office.

PE & School Sport Shirts

Order your shirt through this link:

Pay $25 to the Finance Office or online (please note that payment must be made to secure your order).

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