Academic Support

Academic Support

Alfred Deakin High School supports students of all academic levels to work to their full potential and receive the support that best suits their individual needs.

We work closely with students and families to develop Individual Learning Plans which support targeted, individualised support and communicates the needs and adjustment requirements of our students. Year coordinators and our Student Engagement Team (SET) will work closely with our Diversity faculty staff (ISP funded students) and our Academic Support Coordinator (non-ISP funded students) to develop plans which support in-class differentiation and adjustment ensure plans are relevant, student-focused and contain the most up-to-date information.

Study Lines

Where students have extenuating circumstances or additional responsibilities/commitments outside of school, we have Study Line classes available which will allow a student to have a slightly reduced workload and additional time to work on class and assessment items. These classes may also provide more targeted support with Literacy, Numeracy, organisation and general management of their academic load where appropriate.

Students requiring a Study line must go through the application process and they can discuss this with their Year Coordinator.