The Arts

The Arts are practised and valued in our complex and diverse society as important outlets for the communication of ideas, feelings and beliefs and as major sources of intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development, understanding and enjoyment. Comprehensive and sequential learning experiences in the arts during schooling provide individuals with the necessary skills, understandings and confidence to participate fully in the arts throughout their lives.  While many art forms are practised in Australia, Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Digital Media, Textiles and Music are the Arts subjects undertaken at ADHS.

Visual Art

Students will visually express thoughts, ideas and feelings about themselves, others and their environment through a variety of media such as drawing, painting, ceramics, graphics, printmaking, multi-media, jewellery and sculpture.


Students will study the elements of dance, namely time, space and energy, and use them as a means to explore, interpret and communicate knowledge, thought and feelings using the body as the instrument of communication - culminating in performance.


The Drama course will develop on a continuous basis the skills and concepts needed for communication in this art form.  Students will develop performance skills in relaxation, concentration, improvisation, scene construction, character development, movement and voice.

Digital Media

Digital Media Studies explores how the media works; how media products are created, the special languages and conventions of each of the media, how audiences respond to the media, influences on media producers and products, the influence of media on individuals and society and the ways society can influence the media.


The Music program is designed so that students will have the ability to:

  • develop and use an aural history
  • use music confidently to communicate to others
  • use music to gain a further understanding of oneself, others and the world around them
  • develop and apply skills in listening and speaking, singing, movement, improvisation, composing, reading and writing music
  • develop understanding of the language and elements of music. 

A variety of musical instruments will be made available for student use. ADHS has an extraordinarily successful band program, as well as supporting string groups, wind ensembles, jazz groups, etc. A music tutor program offering instruction in a wide variety of instruments is available.


Students will use the mediums of yarn and fabric for expression.  They will develop knowledge about the practice in skills such as printing, dyeing, weaving, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, soft sculpture, knitting, clothing construction and various other hand and machining techniques.