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The eStudy provides specialised, individual support for selected students in Years 7 to 10. The educational focus of the eStudy is on real-life literacy and numeracy skills, as well as the necessary social skills to function in our society. Qualification for inclusion in the eStudy program is through rigorous testing conducted by the School Counsellor. Eligible students are then placed by the Education Directorate. An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is developed for each student placed in the eStudy.
The eStudy program is designed to meet individual student needs. These needs are identified collaboratively by the teaching staff, the parents/carers and the young person. As such, the course content of any group will be determined by the specific needs of the individuals and the group. Skill development in the areas of literacy, numeracy, communication and organisation provides a framework for devising specific activities. At all times, staff seek to reinforce positive attitudes to learning and promote high self-esteem.

General principles of the eStudy:

  • activities are success-oriented to build and encourage participation in a positive learning environment
  • learning situations are presented as enjoyable and interesting
  • material is geared to students' ability and interest levels
  • practical activities are emphasised to make learning relevant and meaningful
  • technology is used to enhance learning opportunities
  • parent involvement is valued and encouraged.
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