Special Programs

Special Programs

At ADHS we pride ourselves on providing the best possible education for each student.  We offer a range of special programs designed to meet the diverse needs of our students, whether they require additional help, need to be challenged or achieve their best in a different environment.

Joining an ADHS School Sports Team

The process for joining an ADHS Sporting Team is:

1.    Check school email for the Sporting Team Sign Up online form (dates and cost details are included on the form to help with selection).

2.    Submit one online form per sport they are wanting to trial for.

3.    If there are enough interested students a team will be entered in the competition. Details of the sports that are running and the coach will be available on the school sports notice board near the LEAN Staffroom.

4.    Coaches will be given the emails of interested students to arrange notes, training times and competition details. Information may also be passed on through the daily notices.

5.    Students then need to return notes and money to the Finance Office. Be aware that payment is required to the Finance Office one week prior to competition day (if not enough students have paid, they may be pulled out of the competition).

6.    Enjoy the Competition Day! The coach will provide students with a ADHS sporting uniform. These will then be collected at the end of the day.

7.    Catch up on missed school work.

Joining a School Sport ACT Team

The School Sport ACT website is: https://www.schoolsportact.asn.au. You will find information on all ACT sporting teams and an up-to-date calendar of all school sport run this year. This is the place to find out ACT and South Weston team trial dates and where you also register online for these trials. You can also follow them on Facebook to receive updates on trials date, teams selections and results.

Trial Registration Process for ACT teams

School Sport ACT now collects all registration information online – this is to ensure all information is readily available to officials prior to the trial. As this process incurs a fee for data storage, system maintenance and admin a small $3 fee payment via credit card will be required.

  1. Go to the School Sport ACT website – www.schoolsportact.asn.au
  2. Click Register (top right corner of homepage) for an Account – enter details and password
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to your chosen email that will contain a link that you must click on to verify the email account.
  4. Click Log In (top right hand corner of home page) enter password then click on top tab My Profile
  5. You will see a ‘dashboard’ of your information, click green box to Add Student – enter student and medical details and save.
  6. Go to the Sports Tab – choose your specific sport, click on Trial Information box then click on the Register to Trial link.
  7. Select your child’s name from the dropdown box and then enter the optional fields for Playing History, Preferred Position (if applicable) and Representative Experience.
  8. Make the $3 credit card payment then click to register.
  9. An automated email will then be sent to your Principal/School Approver for their approval to trial (no need to take anything to school for the Principal to sign).
  10. You will be able to see the process has been complete back in My Profile – once your Principal/School Approver has completed the approval process your child’s information will be collated onto a list for the Team Manager and Coach prior to trial.
  11. Note the registration process closes two days before the first trial date to allow sufficient time for approval and sharing of collated information.