Online lunch orders:

Manager: Debbie Tobin
Phone: 62814110


The ADHS canteen, CafĂ© Chatters, is run by the Healthy Kids Association and operates Monday- Friday at recess and lunch time and also offers breakfast on Wednesdays.  The seasonal menu changes each term and offers a range of nutritious choices as well as healthier versions of traditional canteen favourites with lower sodium, fat and sugar levels and smaller portion sizes.  The focus of our self-service canteen is to encourage students to make conscious, educated decisions about the food they eat by allowing them to see the food before selecting it and allowing them the freedom to choose between healthy and "treat" foods so they develop an awareness of sensible eating in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Most of the menu items are freshly cooked on the premises and the national Dietary Guidelines are followed as much as is practicable.
Lunch orders are welcomed and can be placed directly with the canteen at recess but ordering online through My School Connect is encouraged.  Click here to set up an account: Student card/ID can be linked to flexi schools to be used as a debit card.

Special Dietary Needs

ADHS canteen is happy to cater for special dietary needs, please contact the manager to discuss. We do not cook or prepare any food with peanut products; however, we do not claim to be nut- free because of the possible traces of nuts in many packaged foods.

Community Involvement

ADHS Canteen is an important part of the extended ADHS community.  We deliver lunch orders to Hughes Primary School every Wednesday in order to provide the school with a canteen service one day per week. We hold a Nude Food Day each year to promote an awareness of food packaging and its impact on the environment.  We also work with student volunteer groups when they conduct food fundraisers to ensure the appropriate preparation and distribution of products.


Volunteers interested in working in the canteen are always welcome and are encouraged to contact the manager to discuss.