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Gryphon Program

The Gryphon program operates out of our purpose-built Gryphon room and is designed to improve students' literacy, numeracy and organisational skills across all curriculum areas. It specifically targets students whose academic skills and undeveloped work habits put them at risk in a high school setting. Frequently, students are identified for specialist help in areas of need such as paragraphing or spelling. The Gryphon program is designed to meet individual student needs. As such, the course content of any group will be determined by the specific needs of the students concerned. Skill development in the areas of literacy, numeracy, communication and organisation provides a framework for devising specific activities. At all times staff seek to reinforce positive attitudes to learning and promote high self-esteem.

Students who receive additional support from specialist staff are identified in three main ways:

  1. through standardised (eg. NAPLAN, PAT-R) and diagnostic testing in literacy and numeracy
  2. through teacher recommendation
  3. through parent and self-referral.

The assistance is largely delivered via the teaching methods of small group withdrawal or resourcing in English, Maths, SOSE or Science in Years 7 and 8. A major aim of all groupings is to equip students with skills so that they can return to mainstream classes as soon as possible.

General principles of the Gryphon program:

  • activities are success-oriented to build confidence and encourage participation in a more positive learning environment
  • learning situations are presented as enjoyable and interesting
  • material is geared to students' ability and interest levels
  • help is individual but learning is shared
  • diagnosis of student needs is continuous and teaching is tailored to meet identified needs
  • practical activities are used to make learning relevant and meaningful
  • programs are flexible to meet changing student needs and interests
  • a variety of learning contexts is encouraged
  • the use of computer programs enhances learning opportunities
  • parent involvement is valued and encouraged.
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