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Overweight and obesity affects over 25% of Australian children and this rate is increasing each year. ADHS is participating in It's Your Move! - a three year, $50 000 project commenced by ACT Health in conjunction with Deakin University. This project aims to increase the capacity to promote healthy eating and physical activity within our school community.

It's Your Move! is a longitudinal study involving 2012's Year 7 and 8 students and any staff who wished to be involved.  Researchers from Deakin University visited ADHS early in 2012 to survey the students about their eating and activity habits as well as their attitudes towards body image.  They were then measured for their height and weight.  In 2014 the researchers will return to again survey and measure the project participants in order to measure alterations in the habits of the ADHS community.

In the meantime, we are working as a community to implement healthy lifestyle strategies in an effort to improve the eating and activity habits and attitudes of ADHS.  So far we have:

  • installed drink bottle refill staions in the playground and issued each student with a re-usable bottle to encourage students to drink more water instead of sugary carbonated drinks.  This also has an environmental impact as we reduce the amount of drink contatiner waste produced at ADHS.
  • built our brand new Fitness Lab so students and staff have access to gym facilities
  • held a Mini- Olympics (organised by the SRC)
  • held teachers vs students lunchtime sports tournaments in soccer, badminton, netball, touch football, and basketball 
  • continued to offer healthier choices at the school canteen
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